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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​2 Year Old Playway Class

The loving and conductive environment of the Playways create a perfect setting for the toddlers' learning to adapt and form bonds with teachers and children alike. The teacher creates an environment and provides appropriate learning aids to allow the child to explore as well as acquire new skills. Special emphasis is laid on assisting toddlers to develop gross and fine motor skills carrying out an array of indoor and outdoor activities. Playway is truly a class of fun learning experiences.

​3 Year Old Nursery Class

Every day in an opportunity to grow and learn. The curriculum followed by students of Nursery class revolves around enhancing their creativity & cognitive skills. The day begins with meditation which enables them to be focused, serene and energetic throughout the day. Audio visuals help make the learning process interesting through pictures, videos & music. To strengthen their pre reading skills, rhymes and story telling are taken up. Co- curricular activities like Yoga, Gymnastics, Skilled Sports, Dance or Aerobics help in overall development of the child. They learn to share, be confident, express their feelings and get along well with their peer group.

4 Year Old LKG Class​

In LKG the curriculum we follow is holistic, indigenous and most importantly play & activity based. It offers opportunities to explore, experiment and experience the environment. We lay emphasis on outdoor as well as indoor activities. Activities like running, competitive games, drawing & colouring inculcate an interest in learning new things, engage & persevere on new & routine tasks and regulate their own emotions. 

5 Year Old UKG Class​

In UKG the curriculum is mostly activity based. They are encouraged to learn through play. Equal importance is given to academics & outdoor activity also. They perform Yoga. Meditation which calms their mind is an important part of our daily routine in school. We emphasize on physical activity like running, skipping, balancing etc. in the huge playgrounds. Children blossom from the love & care given to them in class.

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