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Director's note

Dear parents

We welcome your child to a voyage of discovery, adventure and play at JPA Toddlers' World. Each child is an inquisitive little bundle of joy, growing up in leaps and bounds. Life is verily, a roller coaster of adventure for him.
Parents discover new aspects of their child's development every day. But very few know that the brain develops more in the first five years than at any other time of life. Keeping this in view, Play way method of teaching is followed by us. This ensures the overall personality development of children without burdening them with mere theoretical knowledge.The school has an ambience of cheerfulness and happiness. Discipline is essential but no strict rules are imposed upon the toddlers, as this inhibits growth of qualities that are essential to their age.

“Without appreciation of moral and spiritual values, no one can attain true happiness”, said Paramahansa Yogananda ji. This sagacious quote is true for toddlers too. The school aims at instilling moral and spiritual values in the children. Promotion of harmony, concentration, thinking ability, will power and confidence is given utmost importance - all attributes for a successful living.

The vibrant colours of the classrooms and corridors match the vibrant moods of the children. The school reverberates with the laughter of children - the sweetest music for all ears.

A couple of years at the school prepare your toddler for the best schools in the region. Your child is ready to spread his wings and learn about the world around him. Give him the chance to fly higher and higher. Let us help him start his journey upwards. We look forward to preparing your child for tomorrow. Today. At JPA Toddlers' World.

Neena Atray
Director / Principal

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