Excelling in various fields

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Jai Manta: Jai completed his UKG from JPA Toddlers' World School.  He is currently in the Basketball team of St. Kabir's Public School. He has won many medals for his team.

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Aarya Pandita: Aarya started her schooling from class Playway at JPA Toddlers' World School. After completing her UKG she joined Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. She is a budding Kathak dancer, an actor and a state level skater.

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Arinjay Kakran: Arinjay has always been an all rounder, ever since he started his schooling in J. P. A. Toddlers' World. He has won a gold medal and two silver medals in various skating competitions held in the tricity. He's now in class UKG in our school.

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Kyra Sharma: She is a confident girl with excellent communication skills! Her basics in English Conversation from JPA Toddlers' World School have helped her win the number 1 position in Elocution competition in pre-primary at Carmel Convent School,  Chandigarh.

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Ryvat Mehta: Ryvat has been doing exceedingly well in Debates and Declamation contests at St. John's High School. He was a part of JPA Toddlers' World School for four years, from Playway to UKG!