Fees for New Admission:

Dear Parents,

Payment at the time of admission : -

i) Registration charges (Rs. 4000/-)

ii) Annual Charges - currently NIL (Rs. 9000/- will be taken when the children start coming to school)

iii) Admission charges (Rs. 21,500 ). Reduction of 50% on Admission Charges (50% of Rs. 21,500)  i.e. 10,750.

iv) Monthly Tuition fees Rs 3,300/- from the month of joining.

v) A total of Rs. 4000 + Rs. 10,750 + Rs.3,300   i.e. Rs. 18,050/- (sum of points i, iii & iv as above)

Fees once paid by you will not be refundable.

​Fees details are as under:
Customer name : JPA PUBLIC SCHOOL

Bank name: Canara Bank, Sector 10, Panchkula

Account no: 1624101015676

IFS Code: CNRB0001624

💠After making the above payment kindly email the following details to us on our school email id -

1. Father's Name
2. Child's Name
3. Class
4. Date of payment
5. Amount Paid
6. UTR number