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Our Staff



Director - Principal

"Greetings to one and all! It is indeed a joyous feeling to head JPA Toddlers' World Preschool, the portals of which abound with joy, love and happiness. The students and parents of JPA Toddlers' World are just as enthusiastic as we are to take our school towards even more happy and fulfilling times in the years to come..."




"When I was given the opportunity to be a part of JPA Toddlers’ World Preschool I was thrilled beyond words. Being among children & coordinating with teachers & other staff members has been an amazing experience. It is really enjoyable working here due to the friendly atmosphere & supportive nature of colleagues."




"Ever since I joined JPA Toddlers’ World Preschool it has been an incredible journey. It has favourably impacted my learning, creativity &
administrative skills. The perfect ambience, the enthusiasm & bubbly laughter of the children make my day! It’s great to be a part of this prestigious institution bringing in each day with new & varied experiences."



Computer Manager

"I am very happy being at JPA Toddlers’ World as a computer teacher. It has been a wonderful experience as every day I get opportunities to learn new skills & improve myself. Integrity is very important for me and I feel very much at home among the staff at school. Everything they do exudes integrity and excellence. It is so refreshing!"



Class teacher - Playway A

"I have been a Kindergarten teacher for the last 15 years. JPA Toddlers' world has been the best workplace for me because of its healthy environment and positive vibrations. Kids play a very special role in my life. I love playing and interacting with tiny tots."



Class teacher - Nursery A

"One feels joyous and positive working in this loving and happy environment! It has been an amazing experience teaching at JPA Toddlers' World for the last 16 years. As an individual I have grown immensely. Cordial staff and an inspiring, warm and caring Principal are a boon to this esteemed institution."

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Class teacher - Nursery B

I am the class teacher of Nursery B. The most appealing aspect of this school is its positive ambience. The location of the school is ideal for parents as it is centrally located. The faculty is one of the best to work with. Team work is excellent and the amount of care given to the children is incredible! It is one of the best schools in town!

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Class teacher - Nursery C

JPA Toddlers’ World School is dedicated to nurturing little minds. It is one of the best preschools in the city. I feel privileged working here. The staff is very helpful and believes in working together; this makes it an extremely friendly place to work in. Principal ma’am is very approachable always available to guide and assist us.



Class teacher - LKG A

"My teaching experience in this school has been incredible. Every year a new bunch of tiny toddlers join my class & it’s a blessing indeed to be surrounded by children who trust me with their hugs, sweet compliments & much more. I hope I can be a beacon of light for our early learners."

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Class teacher - LKG B

I, Alisha teach at a prestigious preschool, JPA Toddlers’ World Panchkula. Here the tiny tots are given immense opportunities to unleash their creativity. Not only are there numerous activities for the children to be involved in but also for the parents and grand parents. The best part is that children get to perform on stage which helps them get rid of stage fright at a tender age of 2. We have colourful classrooms and huge green playgrounds. Teachers work in perfect coordination and are friendly with each other. Principal ma’am has been an inspiration for me. Her loving and understanding nature is what keeps the staff so happy and satisfied.

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Class teacher - UKG

JPA Toddlers’ World School is about learning through open ended play. Structured activities allow children to develop at their own pace. Our friendly green campus offers both indoor & outdoor activities as learning experiences for the little ones. Well experienced teachers and loving staff take extremely good care of the children.



Dance teacher

"I have always considered JPA Toddlers’ World as my extended family, as the staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very thankful to Mrs. Neena Atray, Principal, JPA Toddlers’ World for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to teach dance in the beginning of my career. I really enjoy working with kids as they give me a lot of love & positive energy to keep going."



Music teacher

"I have been teaching music in this school for the last 9 years. JPA Toddlers’ World is the best school in the tri-city in my opinion. I say that not because I am a part of it, but because the school is totally focussed on children’s development. Though it was my first experience in a school, I immediately felt I was a part of it because of the congenial atmosphere. Teaching toddlers has been both a challenge and a pleasurable experience for me."

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