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Written Testimonials

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Sunny Shobta

(F/o Sanaya Shobta)


My daughter, Sanaya Shobta, started her kindergarten journey with JPA Toddlers’ World and since the very first day she has loved it! The school campus is beautiful, play area is lovely and the teachers and staff are so warm and welcoming that each morning Sanaya looked forward to being in school for her fun-filled day of learning.
They have an excellent academic pattern and co-curriculum which caters to an all-round development of the c
hild’s personality. A lot of importance is laid on Yoga, Meditation, Music, Dance and other Physical activities vital for children today.
The hardworking teachers and staff has been the highlight for me. They have brought out the best in my child and surprised me....
I would love to recommend JPA Toddlers’ World to all parents without a doubt!


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Sanjeev Chauhan

(F/o Saanvi Chauhan)


JPA Toddlers' World School has been an awesome experience for us as parents, and for our daughter, Saanvi as a part of it.. The genuine concern and affection of the staff for the children... and the fun learning experiences, activities that are incorporated into the school day makes toddlers world one of best
We would like to congratulate and thank the entire team of JPA Toddlers' World School for making such wonderful plans for kids to work and play along with studies..    


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Cute Kakria

(M/o Anaavi Kakria)


My daughter Anaavi joined J.P.A. Toddler’s World School in 2017. As with all parents of toddlers who are sending their kid for the first time out of home, I was initially very apprehensive. However, the teachers, counselors and support staff in the school had a very welcoming and caring attitude towards my child. She looked forward to going to school everyday, it was such a fun place to be! The curriculum and activities are well designed; and a lot of time, energy and thought goes into teaching-learning. There were sports events, festival celebrations, regular events and a splendid annual function to add colour to the school year. The outdoor activities, including horse-riding, toy-train rides made playground fun; and I must not fail to mention the focus on fitness and Yoga for a healthy body and mind. As my daughter progressed from class to class, each of her teachers showed care, patience and encouragement towards her. Whatever she learnt at the school has given her a head start in her new school, St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh.



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Neha Singla

(M/o Advik Singla)



I believe that JPA Toddlers' World School is the optimal choice for all those parents who want to lay a great foundation for their toddlers! The curriculum and field activities of the school enhance their cognitive skills.
I have seen a dramatic change in my child (Advik Singla and my niece Shanaya Garg) from the day they were enrolled to the day they graduated. It was my utmost pleasure that my child was a part of this school. Thank you.


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Prem Verma

(F/o Arisha Verma)



I think JPA Toddlers' World school was an excellent choice for my  
daughter, Arisha Verma. I saw my chid progressing in all areas. It was amazing to watch her enjoying going to school every day without any tantrums. She loved the play area, which is huge, with beautiful gardens. The staff is highly experienced and cooperative.
They have activities which no other school in Panchkula has, like horse-riding, and meditation is introduced from a very tender age.
Festivals are celebrated with great zest. Children are taken on educational visits. Gardening, yoga, dance and music are the other activities which are very much enjoyed by the children.
As a parent I would vouch for this school.


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Aakshi Kakria

(M/o Srihaan Nabh)


I am delighted by the teachers, staff and the environment that JPA Toddlers' World School has provided to my son. The teachers' friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped him settle into pre-school routines quickly.. Not just academics, the school ensures all round development by including various structured activities, music, dance, yoga, field trips etc. There was no dull day in the school and my son always looked forward to go to school.

I could think of no better place to give my kid a headstart in life. I would highly recommend this school for their nurturing learning environment.

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Manvi Kalra

(M/o Maulsari & Raghavendra)


It has been a wonderful experience to send my children Maulsari and Raghavendra to JPA Toddlers' World School. I never expected that  both my children will develop such a liking for the school that they will be excited and look forward to attending school each day.
Studies, activities, overall grooming of children, infrastructure, security and, yes, I saved the best for the last – the Teachers and staff! The school has a wonderful set of teachers who took care of Maulsari and Raghavendra each day and mentored and groomed them to be what they are today.
A big thanks to all teachers and staff and especially Jyoti Manta Ma’am. I would really recommend everyone looking for a perfect place to start schooling of their child to reach out to JPA Toddlers' World.


Smt Ashima and Shri Manish

(Parents of Manasvini)


We found JPA Toddlers' World School to be a precise blend of many a domain which preparatory schools have to deal with. The school environment was tailored to be friendly yet full of learning. Age-appropriate weekly activities made our daughter look forward to attend school...
Teachers showered motherly affection, aided by their equally loving and caring aids. This, above all, made the tender aged children feel at home here.
To summarise my son also was part of this greatly crafted set-up 9 years back and I have only seen the set-up grow there from.
The school infrastructure is carefully crafted to suit the tender-aged kids.
We are heartily grateful to the loving, caring and able Principal mam, teachers, didis, school staff and the entire team.

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